Director’s Message

Welcome to the Zafar’s Judicial Academy

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all in the Zafar’s Judicial Academy, Faridabad. This academy is pioneering centre for providing legal coaching, prepares and helps the law graduates to achieve their dream. Legal education provides varieties of options for the law graduates. As the society is not static so the law is also not static. Law is very dynamic it keeps on changing to cater the needs of the society in the new social-milieu of the changed scenario. This academy is fully committed to nurture the future of law graduates as per their legal needs and requirements.

It is centrally located in the posh locality of Faridabad. I assure you that the academy provides high quality of legal coaching for law graduates in full filling their dreams. I take this opportunity to declare it is the best place for the law graduates to full fill their dream to become judicial officer. In law, a student has multi dimensional options. Out of many options, Judicial Services are the best options for the any law graduates. As it has been said by John Chipman Gray, Law is what Judges declare and it includes the rules which the Judges of the courts lay down for determination of legal rights and duties of man. For him, law made by legislators are mere ‘Dead Words of the Statutes’ and courts put life into them through Judicial interpretation. Thus Judges play crucial role in making laws in a given social system.

I establish this Judicial Academy with name of Zafar’s Judicial Academy as a token of respect for the contribution of    Zafar sir  and  his eminence in the legal field. He is an icon of modern legal theory. Jurisprudentially speaking, Dr. Zafar is the best iconoclastic philosopher of law in the contemporary era. It is to mention that this Academy has blessings of senior most Prof. of Law of I.P. University, New Delhi, Jamia Milila Islamia, University, New Delhi, AMU, Aligarh University, M.D. University, Rohtak, Judges and Advocates.